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Sherry Crawford


White Bear Standing

Bio: Algonquin Artist Sherry Crawford, aka White Bear Standing

Algonquin Artist Sherry Crawford, also known as White Bear Standing, is a multi-talented individual dedicated to promoting cultural heritage, creativity, and social service. With a passion for art and a deep connection to the teachings of the Seven Grandfathers and Medicine Wheel, Sherry strives to make a positive impact on her community and beyond.

Past Experience:
With a diverse background encompassing various artistic disciplines, Sherry brings a wealth of experience to her creative endeavors. Over the years, she has honed her skills as a painter and storyteller, using her artistic talents to convey powerful messages and stories rooted in Algonquin traditions. Through her artwork, Sherry aims to preserve and share the rich cultural heritage of her people.

Social Service Work Diploma:
Complementing her artistic pursuits, Sherry holds a diploma in social service work. This educational background equips her with a unique perspective and understanding of the challenges faced by individuals and communities. By combining her artistic talents with her knowledge of social service, Sherry endeavors to create meaningful connections and empower others.

Dedication to Family:
Family holds a special place in Sherry's heart, and her dedication to her loved ones is an integral part of her life. As a wife, mother, sister, auntie, great auntie and great great auntie, Sherry draws strength and inspiration from her family, infusing her artwork with love and the values passed down through generations.

Seven Grandfathers and Medicine Wheel Teachings:
Sherry is deeply connected to the teachings of the Seven Grandfathers, which emphasize wisdom, love, respect, bravery, honesty, humility, and truth. These teachings, along with the wisdom of the Medicine Wheel, guide her daily life and artistic expression. Through her art, Sherry aims to share these teachings, fostering understanding and unity among people of all backgrounds.

Helper to Animals, Children, and the Red Road:
In addition to her artistic endeavors and dedication to family, Sherry is a committed helper to animals, children, and those striving to stay on the good red road. Her love and respect for nature and all living beings are reflected in her artwork, which often carries messages of environmental awareness and compassion. Sherry actively engages with her community, offering support and guidance to those in need, particularly children and individuals seeking to navigate life's challenges while staying true to their cultural roots.

Algonquin Artist Sherry Crawford, aka White Bear Standing, is a passionate and dedicated individual committed to preserving cultural heritage, promoting social service, and creating positive change. Through her art, she shares the teachings of the Seven Grandfathers and Medicine Wheel, while also acting as a helper to animals, children, and those striving to walk the good red road. Sherry's creativity, compassion, and commitment make her an invaluable asset to her community and beyond.


In 2005/6, Sherry  earned a degree In Social Service Work through First Nations Technical Institute, Tyindinaga Mohawk Territory & St. Lawrence College. She was honored to be a circle member at Niijkiwendida Anishinaabe-kwewag Services Circle 2005/6. She enjoyed a week long Indigenous Women & Leadership Development Training course at the Banff Centre in 2009.

After attending an in person workshop, Sherry has re-created an eye opening demo on 'Residential Schools & Effects of Colonization'.  Using a Circle of Stones, she respectfully shares a vivid visual demonstration, instantly allowing the viewer to have a better understanding of what really happened.   When you SEE IT, you will FEEL IT, and then you GET IT! 

 Please contact Sherry for details of how she can come to your School or Event to share her ART, a few Traditional Teachings and  this important info session! 

Beautiful Night Display!  

These beautiful lanterns, all lit up for your enjoyment!  

White Bear Standing 

During a Shaking Tent Ceremony years ago, Sherry was given her Indigenous Ceremonial name;

White Bear Standing. She is proud to connect with her inner spirit. It presents itself in many of her pieces.


This piece represents the connectedness to all things. We refer to the trees as ‘Standing People’ for they are our relatives.  They provide food, shade, homes for animas, birds, sap, also...they provide us with clean air and thus, life! The faces in the earth are representative of our Ancestors who have crossed...the lines show our connections and continued energy flow of life. When we die, sometimes we go into the earth or water.   The plants and trees grow from the earth, we eat the plants and the animals eat the plants. We eat the animals, and sometimes the animals eat us….and the cycle of life energy continues to flow.


Inspired by the actual Eagles nest park (rock cliffs) the face can be seen from the highway or river.  We strongly believe if we follow the ‘Seven Grandfather Teachings” of Love, Respect, Wisdom, Truth, Honesty, Bravery & Humility, we can walk the good Red Road in a good way! There is an image in the rock face that is seen in many photos. known as the Chief. I drew 6 more grandfather faces.. to represent the teachings. You have to look carefully to find them all!

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